AK-74 with 60-round Magazine

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AK-74 with experimental 6L31 60-round magazine
Cutaway picture of the magazine:

1. The guy shooting isn't me. Which means I don't own the mag and I don't know where to get one. Nobody sells them anyway.
2. No, this is not a 45-round RPK-74 magazine. These are longer and slimmer. A 10-second google search will tell you that.
3. For those of you who think the whole video is faked, because they can't see the empty casings, let me tell you something about AK's. One reason for their high reliability is the overpowered gas drive, which results in pretty violent ejection. By the way, this is why the case rim, even though made of steel is so thick when compared to the .223 cartidge and such. Now consider the low quality of the video and if you still expect to see the casings (actually, you can see one of them at 0:05), do me a favour and get back to your video games.

P.S. Surefire has developed high-capacity, quad stack mags for AR15-type firearms.

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