Runescape Nerds Pick Up Girls in Las Vegas

By: NatesDailies


Uploaded on July 19, 2011 by NatesDailies Powered by YouTube

THUMBS UP / FAV. Trolling / Staking / Pking IRL. Show your friends / Tweet the video if you play Runescape. If you guys show me that you like this i will make another one with better / juicier lines / better camera and recording. Camera is shaky because we try to hide the camera. FYI, 3/3 attempts in 1 HR were successful. Follow me on Twitter! RSN: Bonesaw Bamf Adamm Some lines used: "Do you know where the grand exchange is?" "Where is the Grand Exchange?" "When i first saw you I had a Dds now i have a dragon longsword" "Are you 80 magic because your stunning" "I may have a rapier but i can last 10 hours" "Do you want to see my Godsword?" "Im 99 strength" (Lifts up shirt for abs) "Im a Fighter, I fight people in edgeville" "I do merchanting kill bosses" "Whats your Chefs cooking level?" "I have a partyhat set, alot of them" "All skills are maxed out" "Im a merchant, I work at the grand exchange" "I have six piles of max Cash" My fan page: Inspired by Simple Pickups. Subscribe we are making a parody of the Hangover on this channel.
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