DPRK Music Video- Cuckoo Bird

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Wang Su Bok's vocal recital held
Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- A vocal recital of merited actress Wang Su Bok (80) was held at the Pyongyang International House of Culture some time ago. The recital was all the more impressive with the performance of her disciples. She is a popular singer who sang "The girl in a swing", "sound of water and machines in fields", "The song of Mt. Myohyang" and other folk songs. At the recital, she sang well "Ryonggang Kinari", "Our Peasants", "The Ballad of Plum Tree", "Feed-Bag", "Cuckoo" and other folk songs loved by the people. She told reporters that she had the honor of holding her recital thanks to the benevolent loving care of Secretary Kim Jong Il. In the middle of April, the general sent the 80th birthday table to her. He arranged the vocal recital and selected songs for Her. And he saw to it that she could perform with her disciples to make the recital more significant. Wang Su Bok is an honorary singer at the Yun I Sang Musical Institute.

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