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It is time to take action against the unlawfulness of what is happening in our country. There is so much information and disinformation including rumors being spread around. So many people just want to spread this all around and whine and complain about everything going on. They are just sitting around waiting to be put in camps and for the food to run out. has materials to help those that are not lazy, that want to do something, and be prepared.

Here are some of the educational materials.

Local Control Work Book Educational materials

History of Property Rights

Allodial Titles and Land Patents

Limits of Federal Jurisdiction

Approaching Your Cities and Counties to Restore Local Control

Another Victory for Freedom and Property Rights and How You Can Get Involved

Another HOTT Victory for Freedom, Research and Local Control

Civil Disobedience (new series as of 3/17/2010, check the shopping cart for completion)

This information is the real deal. I have been going through the materials and doing research on my own. People are blown away at how knowledgeable I have become. I hope you will join the fight for freedom in a lawful way. This is by educating ourselves and educating our local county government. Did you know the Federal Government has to go through your County government to get access to anyone in the county? No? Well, thats why they don't do it.

This is how important education is. The Federal Government doesn't have jurisdiction in the non Federal Lands, that is why they need permission.

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