Hulk Vs Superman 3D #04

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Link: Hulk vs Superman 3D #04 Here is another edited short 3D Hulk vs Superman fight scene with a differen...
Link: Hulk vs Superman 3D #04 Here is another edited short 3D Hulk vs Superman fight scene with a different scenario. It is a "What-If" fight scene if Superman was allowed to cut loose & kill his opponent. I know, I know Superman does not kill. However, this is a "What-If" scenario and let's fool around and have fun just a bit with the character. Ok, in this "What-If" fight scene, Superman decided to use the marbles in his Kryptonian cranium and do away with all the nonsense of fooling around the way IDIOTIC monkey writers has him played constantly on many of his current "PBIS" animations where he's often get jobbed getting beaten by hapless flying mouse or tripped and knocked out from a goose feather. (NOTE: My comments above are directed only to those IDIOTIC Superman writers who depowered and made the character a complete sissy and a punching-bag retard. Grant Morrison along with other good intelligent Superman writers are EXCLUDED from those bitter comments I made above.) On hand, here is an opportunity to mess with the Superman character... I have incorporated some 3D animation (I cockroached from a YouTuber named "mhabjan" with scenes from the first original Superman movie. The fight scene has been edited to make it short, quick and intelligent fight the way it should always be done from a character who has the ability to move at the speed of over 200-million times faster than lightspeed, has unspeakable incredible strengths that could hurl a giant sun the size of 1.3 million earths like tossing a ping-pong ball. And then, with fists and body that's way harder than diamond and stronger than adamantium or anything on earth! Having said that, the character pretty much makes him a indestructible 6ft-4-in, 225 lbs human bullet projecting at the speed of over 200-million times the speed of light. Ok, quick warning before proceeding with the movie. I must warn you in advance to not blink, cause, a slight wink will cause you to miss the result of the fight. ENJOY!!!