Dragonforce Guitar Solo

By: drawnacrol


Uploaded on February 24, 2007 by drawnacrol Powered by YouTube

Track: Once in a Lifetime
Artist: Dragonforce
Album: Sonic Firestorm

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This is the Herman li's sweep tapping solo at the start of the solo section of the song Once in a lifetime,I figured it out by ear but it sounds correct(enough),its in the key of E minor and is made up of sweep picked arpeggios and taps at the end of them to extend them,this is a really fun solo to play,its quite like the guitar solo in Valley of the Damned,if your wondering why I didn't finish the solo its cause I didn't figure it out,I only new the sweeps at the time,

Actual song used as backing track because I didn't have the internet or any guitar BT software when I made this.
This was recorded around December 2006,
I was playing 4 years at the time.

If you want to hear more of my playing:
-Lorcan Ward-

Think this is fake????Just check my other videos on my channel,I don't fake guitar,besides this solo is easy,took 5 mins to figure ou and learn

As for the new song "Heroes of our time",I got a great tab off the youtube user who did a cover of it,search for it,so I might be doing a cover of that soon

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