Kenan & Kel April Fools 1/2

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This Half Of the Funny episode Called "April Fools" From the Funny Classic TV Show "Kenan & Kel" In This video, Kenan & Kel were doing April Fools Pranks on Everyone Until they got themselves Into Trouble...

NOTE: 1- I Don't Own This's Owned/Licensed/Made by Nickelodeon...
2- Few Parts of This Episode May have been Removed(Only One Part) for time limits(Sorry)...
3- Part 2/2 Will Be Uploaded Sooner..

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- I'm going to Upload this Episode again on my Channel with better quality and Full(No part Skipped) Hope you all be happy for that...
- Kenan and kel is now broadcasted on The N's at 7am - 8am
- Woah! Thanks! 100,000 Viewers!

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