Bill Hader Performs the Character Vinny Vedecci @ Val Myers' Garage Comedy Show

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Bill Hader of SNL fame was a regular performer on the Garage Comedy Show. Val met Bill through Jon Glover a co-worker of Bill's and Val's comedy partner. Also Bill, Jon and Val all attended Second City Conservatory in Los Angeles (different classes though) Garage Comedy was a modern variety show format created in 2003 by Val Myers. The format brought three major changes: Innovative performance was considered the highest priority even more so then success with the audience. Garage comedy would welcome something new that failed rather then something polished that succeeded. Another major difference at the time was Garage Comedy's strict limitation of Stand-Up, due to the fact that so many stages were flooded with drab, audience repelling Stand-Ups. The last major difference was that prior to Garage Comedy's creation live shows were segregated by venue according to type of performance. For example: sketch was only performed in a sketch show setting, stand-up was only performed at comedy clubs, performance art at galleries etc. Same is true for the gamut of performance types: puppetry, poetry , magic, music, video screenings, pranks, dance, rear projection, audience participation, burlesque, one person shows, improv, multi media etc. Over the six years that Garage Comedy had a live show it's format gave countless performers their first "shot" and seasoned performers were pushed into trying new things. Garage Comedy's spirit of innovation also brought about several technological breakthroughs. Lengthy experiments with live broadcast and social media helped spawn several developments in interactive entertainment that remain to this day on the cusp. In the true spirit Garage Comedy Val Myers has been focusing solely on things that have never been done.
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