Mindless Behavior Love Story Season 1

By: taedriana maloney


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*Beep beep beep* Jacob Pov The alarm clock woke me up from my sleep the alarm clock is always set at 2:30pm i woke up in a good mood,i stopped the alarm clock and started thinking about this dream i had again about this girl name Paris Morgan she's beautiful she has pretty black long curly hair jst then my mother walked in.. mom:Cobby your food is in the microwave it been ready since 12 bt since u woke u can eat *standing by door* Jacob:ok,yea ill eat after i get dress mom:ok*leaves room* i got up charged my phone,got dress i threw on this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/app,and brushed my teeth then i went to go eat i got my plate out the microwave and sat on the couch with my dad and ate me:hi daddy dad:*waves back* jacob pov my dad lost his memory last week he got into a car accident and he hit his head very hard so he don't remember me,r my sister Jayla she 12 r my bother jasper hes 13 but the doctors have him take pill and stuff bt it hurt me sometimes that he don't remembers me and my mom takes cares of him and try to tell him who we are and stuff just then the doorbell ringed and interrupted my thoughts i sat my plate on the table and went towards the door me:who is it ?:trey me:oh*opens door* trey:dawg,u wanna come to the park with us me:um yea*looks at car*who u with trey:oh...gco mom:whos that jacob me:trey mom:oh ok trey:yea bt um me,craig and rayquan me:oh yea,ill come trey:alright hurry up*walking to car* me:ok*closing door* jacob pov i went to go get my phone and say bye to mama and daddy me:im out ma*leaving* mom:alright *in da car* ray:aye jacob did u have that dream again me:yea,man i want 2 find her shes what i..GCO trey:mann u lonely and desperate me:wait the only reason y im lonely is because im looking for mrs.right and if i am desperate atleast someone will like me for me n u needa keep your eyes on the rode craig:yea thts true!!! trey:shut up Craig and atleast i have a girl me:no u dnt hav a girl u have girlz u lil ho3 and i seen your girls they all look like zoo mammals trey:niqqa u n my car me:*opens car door*im out trey:bye ray:thats childish trey trey:aye*looks at ray* jacob pov this punk drove off and have the smartest mouth his curls must gt 2 his head jst thn a car pulls up to me it was 5 dudes they got out the car and started walking towards me i was a little scared dude:i like those sandals jacob:thanks*keeps walking* dude:slow down dog*puts hand on jacob shoulder* dude2:let us get those shoes jacob:naww leave me alone dude2:*pushes him* jacob:*pushes back* dude3:*grabs jacob feet* jacob:*falls on ground*get off me *kicks dude* dude:aye get em jacob:*swings a punch*get off of me jacob pov i couldnt believe my eyes i was getting jump by all 5 of them i didnt now wat 2 do i was swinging bt it wasn't helping i was getting punch over and over in my eyes,stomach,and chest then one of them tryed 2 break my leg bt i heard the dude say.. dude:lets go man he had enough dude2:naww*spits on jacob* jacob pov they kept kicking me they took my shoes and drove off a couple mins later i was laying down bleeding and crying holding my eyes my happy face went upside down i was torn.. what will happen next?
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