Vlog #4: Other Games, Walkthroughs, Favorite Nancy Drew Character

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Michael answers various questions: How many Nancy Drew books do you have? Have you ever played the computer game Scratches? Have you ever played the Kingdom Hearts series? have u ever played any carmen sandiego games? What's your favorite mystery game of all time? Do you compose music?
have you ever wanted to be a super hero? And if you were, what would your super power be? tell me this what is your favriot game in the whole wide wlord other then nancy drew. If you could be a veggie, what would it be? whats your favorite kind of drink? What was your fave nancy drew game moment you've ever had? what is your favorite thing to eat/ drink wile you are playing Nancy drew.... how far can you go in a game without dying? What is your sign? How did you get started doing the walkthroughs and videos? Do you ever get scared playing? what's your favorite game and are you planning on continuing with nancy drew games or are you gonna make other video/computer game commentaries? Who is your favorite Nancy Drew character? Why did you name your username arglefumph?

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