Reptile Woman 2 - UFO Reptilian (preview)

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A paranormal video about demon possession or Icke style reptilian shape-shifters, by Archangel Systems.

When we did our analysis of the reptile woman video, we were challenged by many people with various accusations ranging from bad video to outright fakery. We were also praised for being the first to provide video proof of the morphing phenomena. Our response was to begin a search (which is still ongoing) for other similar videos.

We began looking at films of large crowds, etc., hoping to find people that were morphing when examined frame-by-frame. (these morphs generally cannot be seen otherwise)

This video is the first fruit of our labors. The person in this video has been filmed EXTENSIVELY...and as far as we can tell, there is morphing in all of her videos. She even claimed at one point to have been demon posessed. Could she have been telling the truth as she understood it?

She also contended to the very end that the government was involved with, and was fully aware, of her killings.

Remember, this video is only a demo. Some or all of the images here may not appear in "Reptile Woman 2" as we are still investigating the possibility of various images being caused by glitches, fakery, etc. This is just to give you all a taste of what is coming. Enjoy!

We have spent hours attempting to find mundane explanations and have found none. If there is a non-paranormal explanation, we would like to know what it is.

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