Secret Space Part 1

By: SuicideStokie


Uploaded on August 27, 2007 by SuicideStokie Powered by YouTube

There are Many clips of UFOs taken directly from the cameras aboard the Space Shuttle - never before seen by any member of the public. This film exposes the true nature of NASA and the secret space programme.

More than that, it expose the involvement of Aleister Crowley, Satanists and high ranking FreeMasons in the Apollo Moon Missions. We then journey deep inside Russia and learn of Alien Technology designed to Scan the 'soul' of an abducted person. We thoroughly analyse official NASA footage Of UFOs being shot at in space by secret weapons on the ground... And show for The first time NASA footage of a group Of extra-terrestrial lights which 'dance' And convey messages to the crew of The Space Shuttle, whilst hovering In the upper atmosphere. This is the First film ever made which exposes the ongoing SECRET SPACE WAR.

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