Richard Dawkins Attacks Agnostic Philosopher Sir Anthony Kenny

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Richard Dawkins has lashed out at the prominent and highly respected agnostic philosopher Sir Anthony Kenny, of Oxford University. But is there more beneath the surface? Compared to 2006, when The God Delusion was first released, Dawkins appears to have thrown philosophy into the same trash can as theology. Why? Read on for links used in the video: Dawkins attacks philosophers Sir Anthony Kenny and David Albert (Albert also has a PhD in theoretical physics, which even further undermines Dawkins' ad hominem): Cardinal Pell vs Dawkins: Dawkins, Kenny, Williams: Stephen Law's blog, on Dawkins' central argument: ...and on teaming up with Christian philosopher against Dawkins: Lawrence Krauss on Premier's "Unbelievable?" radio show: David Albert's critical review of Krauss' book in the New York Times: David Albert on wikipedia: William Lane Craig's critique of The God Delusion: Material in this video has been incorporated under fair use for journalistic and educational purposes, and to illustrate as effectively as possible a trend in Prof Dawkins' academic conduct which has become increasingly alarming to some colleagues, including and especially the non-theist and the secular.
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