Planet X, Our Prison Break Part 2

By: peggykane1


Uploaded on February 22, 2008 by peggykane1 Powered by YouTube

This is the second in a series of videos that I am creating which will include many of my sound files of EVP and reverse speaking.
This is to let people know what I have heard is the "true" reality here and why Planet X is our greatest help, and our freedom from absolute oppression.
The reptilian race had plans for humanity. Absolute control through micro-chipping, concentrations camps and using their human puppets in the NWO to get this ball moving.
This is not going to succeed and everyone knows it in the RS part of the mind.
I've reversed thousands of people and have never gotten a contradictory story as to what is really going on here behind the scenes.
These videos are to lay out the story and try to prove my theories. The more calm we are as the planet approaches, the less chance of harm coming to us.

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