The Vampire Diaries Promo 3x16 - 1912 (HD)

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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 16 Promo/Preview "1912"

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"1912" Official Description:
THE MURDER MYSTERY DEEPENS — The present-day murders in Mystic Falls remind Damon (Ian Somerhalder) of a similar crime spree a century earlier. In flashbacks to 1912, Damon recalls a beautiful vampire, Sage (guest star Cassidy Freeman), who showed him a whole new way to exist. Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) warns Damon not to get involved in her investigation, but Damon is convinced she's going after the wrong suspect. Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Matt (Zach Roerig) resort to breaking and entering in their search for evidence to prove Dr. Fell (guest star Torrey Devitto) is a murderer. For reasons known only to her, Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt), becomes interested in locating one of the town's oldest landmarks. Finally, Elena comes to a new understanding of the path her life has taken, and Damon makes an emotional confession to Stefan (Paul Wesley). The episode was directed by John Behring and written by Julie Plec with Elisabeth R. Finch.

The Vampire Diaries 3x16 Promo
The Vampire Diaries S03E16 Promo
The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 16 Promo

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