Gears of War 2 - Cog Tags / Collectibles Achievement Guide - Act 3

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READ DESCRIPTION FOR TEXT GUIDE! Act I: ***********/watch?v=hgqfqIcUydk&fmt=18 Act II:...
READ DESCRIPTION FOR TEXT GUIDE! Act I: ***********/watch?v=hgqfqIcUydk&fmt=18 Act II: ***********/watch?v=DnFyP9yYWXM&fmt=18 Act III: ***********/watch?v=GrLPe8r5gS4&fmt=18 Act IV: ***********/watch?v=qum2O5iMnB8&fmt=18 Act V: ***********/watch?v=-RMO79bGdTo&fmt=18 #22: Interoffice Memo Act III Chapter 2: Start of chapter, door on the right at the top of the stairs. #23: Memo Act III Chapter 2: Door on the right, down a hallway after a bunch of wretches. #24: New Hope Medical File Act III Chapter 2: Inside the small room next to the security switch. #25: Doctor's Journal Act III Chapter 3: Outside where the razorhail first starts, in a small building to the right. #26: Captivity Marks Act III Chapter 3: After lifting the metal ceilings, go around back through a doorway. #27: Stranded's Journal Act III Chapter 5: In the area with gunboats shooting at you, up some small flights of stairs. Gears of War 2 gow gow2 - Cog Tags / Collectables Achievement Guide Act 1 2 3 4 5 tag collectable completionist collectible collectibles location locations act iii video walkthrough achievements unlocked