How The Wheast Was One (A Dax Flame Motion Picture.)

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Take a trip into the Wild West, back when it was kill or be killed, shoot or be shot, and where wildness ra...
Take a trip into the Wild West, back when it was kill or be killed, shoot or be shot, and where wildness ran rampent. In this dramatic spaghetti western Motion Picture adapted from Dax Flames short western novel, Hands are for Punching, you will see a rugged bounty hunter cowboy, who usually works alone and is given the task to save a town being taken over by a bandit, but this time, the bounty hunter needs a partner. Wait A NEW PARTNER? Yes, see what things ensue when a bounty hunter gets a new partner. He never trusted anyone but learned to trust his new partner only to have that partner killed(Spoiler) after finally trusting him. Will he avenge him? Will he save the town? Yes and yes. See for yourself in the journey that is How The Wheast Was One. Here are all my previous motion pictures that I have made: A Christmas Carrols DEAD: ***********/watch?v=Sz_Odgti7D8 Marriage of the KIDNAP!: ***********/watch?v=DOF2NTC5MMc Motion Picture: Double Agent and Superman: ***********/watch?v=MkVLhNTAIVM Cool Moves: The Mothers Day Movie: ***********/watch?v=-rkhH1PycaM Motion Picture 5: Funny Board Game: ***********/watch?v=55dbTMy4YxE Motion Picture 4: Kisses are Forever: ***********/watch?v=kM7SJB2o-uo Cool Moves 2: The tutorial and also The Sequel to Cool Moves: ***********/watch?v=r5if1xUclkE Second Motion Picture: Cool Moves: ***********/watch?v=lZhIcAIEet4 First Motion Picture: Superman: ***********/watch?v=szgKd6yrJsM I was allowed to use the music I used because APM said I could use it if I credited them, so dont say youre going to sue me or Ill sue you. Here is the music courtesy of APM Music: Colorado Homesteaders. On The Warpath On The Warpath Soldiers, Fight On! Love Lost Out Of The Crypt Passionate Affair The Gunfighter P.S. I actually taught Francisco and Antonio English and trained them in acting in order to make this. The production time for filming this motion picture was 2 to 2.5 hours (Including training time). I was on a very tight schedule because they were quite pricy, their fee was $25 an hour each which came out to me spending $100 dollars to pay them ($50 each except I only had 5 $20s and a $10 and the $10 was for my lunch and so one of them got $60 and the other got $40 and they said they would split it later.). P.P.S.S. I posted a Poem video on my second channel today too: ***********/watch?v=L_ND_Q_0hp0