Gamera II HPH World Record Flight: 50 Seconds

By: TeamGameraHPH


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Gamera II is the second human powered helicopter from the University of Maryland's Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center. Video evidence suggests the helicopter, piloted by Kyle Gluesenkamp, flew for 50 seconds!

This flight surpasses Colin Gore's incredible 40-second flight in Gamera II of a couple days ago (, and a new world record for human powered helicopters!

This flight was almost five times longer than the current official record of 11.4 seconds, set by Judy Wexler in Gamera I last summer (, and over twice as long as the 19.4 second flight of Akira Naito's Yuri I in 1994 (

The team is pursuing the American Helicopter Society International's (AHS) Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Prize (, which requires a 60-second flight and 3m (10 ft) altitude.

Video Editing: Will Gross

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