Ashtar. Special Message: The Love Crystals - Sept 2nd 2008. (inc. Follow Up. 7th October)

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As of November 22nd 2008, there are now 13 LOVE Crystals implanted in the Earth, and we are asked to contin...
As of November 22nd 2008, there are now 13 LOVE Crystals implanted in the Earth, and we are asked to continue working with their energies and the ever-increasingly powerful Crystal Gridwork. While all Crystals have been successfully implanted, and safety towards the GF's mission, (as emphasized in the Sept 2nd message) is no longer a concern, (as this mission is now complete and is now truely nothing to stop the energies increasing.) I'm sharing this message to increase awareness amongst Lightworkers, of the Crystals, and all who would wish to invite the Crystal's energies into their reality. 24th Novermber 2008 "It is Ashtar here. I come to express deepest Thanks on behalf of myself and all the Ascended Masters of Earth and Galactic levels, we who participated in the Phase #2 download of LOVE crystals on November 22, 2008! This task/mission was highly successful! 6 LOVE crystals were brought from our dimensions into the earth plane, there to be implanted into the specified locations previously designated. The mission was coordinated to noon Alaska time on 11/22/08. The Masters who had volunteered to accomplish this task were brought into the earth dimensions onboard lightships, which densified sufficiently to accomplish the task within the vibrational frequencies of planet Earth. This mission was extremely well coordinated and executed, with the help of each and all of you Beloved Ones! Please continue to work with the energies of the network of 13 LOVE crystals which have now been downloaded, implanted and connected into a gridwork, the energies of which encompass and affect the entirety of planet Earth. In the days and weeks to come, the Masters shall be working from their dimensions to gradually amp up the energy of this LOVE crystal network. We are projecting that we may have the energy of the network up to full capacity by the end of your month of December 2008. The bringing up of the energy of the network is being carefully monitored so that the increasing influence of the LOVE energy will occur at a rate which is optimal without causing too rapid a clearing effect on the beings and structures of planet Earth. The Masters of Earth and the Galactic realms are working together carefully to accomplish our intent that all assistance from our Realms and from the influence of such structures as the LOVE crystal gridwork shall be given in such a way that all Beings of Earth may receive maximum benefit from the frequencies sent forth without being impacted in an unduly uncomfortable way by a too-rapid increase in power and frequencies. A steady, gradual increase in the frequency and power of the LOVE crystals gridwork will accomplish more permanent effects than would a too-rapid bringing online, so to speak, of this extremely powerful and high-frequency gridwork." Full message here: *******lightworkers****/content/56543/thank-you-all-lightworkers-planet-earth-commander-ashtar To all who are participating in the November 30th 11:11 Meditations (and any other future group meditations) - To amplify your efforts, may all be aware to ask to receive and experience the energies of the Love Crystals. Saviors of Earth 30th Novemeber Meditation ***********/watch?v=yc8SKgDZd44 Whether you practice meditation or not, you would still be helping by requesting to receive and intergrate with the Crystal's energies. Asking to receive, experience and intergrate with the Love Crystal's energies is something you can do anytime, and each day, - and doing so will greatly help. The songs featured in this video are: Naraku no hana ***********/watch?v