Meet "The Simpsons" Voice Actors - Behind the Scenes Interview - Funny

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Ever seen the actors behind Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and all the other characters of the Simpsons? Here they are being interviewed on a talk show. Very funny.Presented for your viewing pleasure by:The Dollar for Eddie Channel! Send a dollar to support a writer's dreams, read some stories, and BE ENTERTAINED along the way. That little dollar will support a good cause!My name is Eddie, and I'm a starving artist. Or, rather, a starving writer. Living paycheck to paycheck, I've had a hard time making ends meet and still have the time to develop my writing career.Donate a simple, single dollar, and get a little something cool in return!Mail it, with your name and a short message (if you wish), to:P.O.Box 60387Colorado Springs, Co 80960Visit my website,, to see more information, be entertained, and find out exactly what your donation will buy!

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