Counter Strike 1.6 SK Gaming Believe Part 1 Fixed Sound

By: blinkin5


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SK gaming highlights on cpl winter 2005 :P
Part 1/2

part 2 :

songs :

1 apocalyptica - no education
2 nightwish - dark chest of wonders (LIVE VERSION)
3 apocalyptica - drive
4 ayumi hamasaki - real me
5 apocalyptica - somewhere around nothing
6 jennifer saunders - holding out for a hero
7 vanessa mae - Sailor moon neptune uranus
8 Enya - wild child
9 Joe Satriani - crow chant

So now i have putted in the live verson of Dark chest of Wonders but anyway its 100% cordinated with the original one so the only difference is that this one is live but anyway i dont think they will remove this video by the copyright of the song because its the live version ^^


I do not own the copyright of the soundtrack shown in the video, the purpose of the video it's entertainment only, and i don't own the soundtrack, the soundtrack used was used just for background music

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