Fox News Silences a 12 Years Old Girls Truth!

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The picture the western Media is painting of Russia being the aggressor in the conflict in Georgia is an out and out LIE!

The two provinces of Nth & Sth Ossettia made a voluntary decision to break away from the US puppet govt in Georgia and return to Russia. It was the Georgian Govt who then attacked the people of Ossettia, killing over 2000 in just one day. Russia then stepped into protect the people against the Georgian terror.

This has been carefully orchestrated to pull attention away from the massive calls for the impeachment of the Genocide lunatics Bush & Cheney and has been carefully timed to occur while the world is distracted by the Chinese Olympics.

Do NOT believe one word western media is telling about this conflict because the story they are presenting is exactly the opposite of what is actually taking place.

So far, the Western coverage of this conflict has consisted of the most blatant propaganda and outright lies I have ever had the displeasure and shame to witness in my life.

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