Sasuke & Sakura - a Love Story...

By: SabakuNoLara


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This video is all about the relationship between Sasuke ans Sakura (and maybe a little about Sakura and Naruto lol). 4 this I used the song 'what goes around - comes (back) around by justin timberlake. I tried to match the video a little with the song. This is a totally made-up story ! I just mixed some parts of the series in it and that's it.

like I already said : this vid is about the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura. First u'll see some pictures about their happy relationship. But then, Sakura fall in love with Naruto (*lol*) and sasuke finds this out. Then there is a battle between Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke breaks up with Sakura after the battle and leaves... I TOTALLY MADE UP THIS STORY !!

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