Grab Your Headphones And Binaural 3d Sound Holophonic Rain?!? Xianning Screensaver???

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Crank up that volume and Listen to Binaural 3d Sound Holophonic Rain: ***********/watch?v=HMUTJCa...
Crank up that volume and Listen to Binaural 3d Sound Holophonic Rain: ***********/watch?v=HMUTJCatIAE&fmt=18 mp3 for sale: *******www.soundclick****/store/digital/01_shop_singles.cfm?bandid=920973 listening to it without the surround sound is like watching a 3d movie without the coloured 3d glasses :P close your eyes, put on your stereo headphones...and join me for something different.... in a surround sound relaxation session with a symphony of sounds brought to you by mother nature. Don't worry if there is any noise near you...once you have the headphone on, the rain is design in the form of natural White noise and it will cancel out the sound frequencies of the outer noises and you can simply relax in peace :) Recently there was a huge rain over at my place so I decided to record the rain sounds using my microphone and remastered it into surround sound. I just had to share it because I found this to be more relaxing than any music i've heard of. Great for studying, relaxing, destressing, or doing homework for the surround sound takes you right into the relaxing sound of a REAL rain-fall without any chance of catching a cold whatsoever. However after recording the sound I was debating whether or not I should post this cause it might have been ...I dunno a little bit boring? lol tell me if it was worth posting aha i normally don't like posting any boring videos...this is an exception because I like the sound :P feel free to share this with friends *so i promise, with the exception of this one, no boring videos from now on* feel free to comment rate and subscribe :)