Kickflips on a RipStik

By: ThePersianPerversion


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Just a couple clips of me kickflipping a RipStik. For those of you who are trying to learn this trick, here are a couple tips:

1. Before trying to kickflip a RipStik, you should be comfortable kickflipping a skateboard. If you can't land it on a skateboard, you won't be able to land it on a RipStik.
2. When kickflipping a RipStik, you have to put your front foot pretty far back on the deck (toward the torsion bar) and kick straight forward.
3. The ball of your back foot should be on the center of the rear deck so that when you pop it doesn't flop to either side. If your back foot is correct you should be able to pop like a skateboard.
NOTE: if you pay close attention to my videos, you'll notice that I hop on the board a little when setting up for a trick. THIS IS HOW I MAKE SURE I AM CENTERED ON THE BOARD ENOUGH TO POP IT. If you are not correctly centered on the board, you will not be able to throw or land tricks.

4. Once you have your feet set up, it's a lot like a kickflip on a skateboard. Just pop with your back foot and kick your front foot STRAIGHT FORWARD. I find that kicking it to the side like on a skateboard isn't as effective as kicking straight. Feel free to find the front foot flick that works for you.

5. LANDING: landing this trick is all about confidence. If you have a good flip and you are able to catch that flip, landing and rolling away is just a matter of stomping the landing with total confidence. If you are scared that you might twist your ankle or hurt yourself, you will. Landing this trick will come with practice and patience. Hope this info helps. - Ali

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