Earlobe Dermal Punch 9.2mm Aka 3/8" Aka 00 Gage

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The Punch doesn't come in until 1:30
First I have background info until then.

I was laughing and enjoying it way too much. it was a lot better than dealing with the pain I experienced stretching my scar tissued ear. Don't get me wrong it hurt, but oddly I enjoyed it way too much.

Hey, it's been 5 months since I got my left earlobe punched. and I've been a lot more careful about my stretching habits since my scaring problem. no scar tissue has reappeared since I did it. I had my ear punched at a 0. it was immediately stretched with a 00 taper. since then I've stretched my ears to 5/8" which is 4 sizes bigger than 00, but then I've gone down 3 sizes to 7/16" because of trying to stay somewhat professional for work purposes. 5/8" I also felt was just too large for my ears.

ANYWAY. No scar tissue has resurfaced. a few things I would have liked to of done different though are:
I would have preferred to have my left ear scalped instead of punched, so I wouldn't have lost any tissue.
My right ear for the most part was fine, but If I had to again I think I would have punched both. I've taken them out and not had anything in my ear for days/weeks at a time. There is still a visible hole in my left ear, while my right ear has a small slit, instead of a gaping hole compared to my right ear.
And if I were to bunch both ears, I would have punched them at the smallest size possible just to get rid of scar tissue. Because I can feel a difference when touching, and feeling the lower part of my lobes. Visibly you can't tell, but when feeling them you can. which can be detrimental to further stretching, or for your ears to close up.

If you live in Florida, I HIGHLY recomend Shamrock tattoo.

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