Majesty - Heavy Metal Desire

By: HerrCsoma


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... now heavy metal desire ... it has got the greatest lyrics on the whole lp ;)
watch and enjoy \m/ ... please comment ...

Across the wasteland, over blood red seas
A mighty rider comes with blackened steel
He is here to free the earth
By the gift of metal, by a sacred curse

Now his union has conquered the world
Heavy metal shall rise
And from now on our voices will be heard
We cannot die

Heavy metal desire
Devastation and fire

And now that the rider is rising his shield
See the sword he is baring, the axe he wields
By the blood of the ancients his mission ahead
Breaking the walls that betrayers have set

When the wailing of guitars is heard
Our hearts fill with pride
Hear the Majesty, we will be there
We cannot die

Heavy metal desire
Devastation and fire
Heavy metal desire
Desolation messiah

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