Nunchaku Tutorial: Riptides, X Catch, Reverse Rebounds

By: ruvidan


Uploaded on August 04, 2008 by ruvidan Powered by YouTube

Sup people?!? Had some time over the weekend, and thought I'd upload a tutorial vid on some of the moves that I do.

These are some intermediate to somewhat advanced moves for the nunchaku spinner. I did no editing, so excuse the couple of drops. It's trickier to do some of these moves when talking and not being fully focused on spinning. NOTE: This is not for beginners. Getting the back of your fist smacked with a chuck sucks, so be gentle on the last half of the vid. :)

Clarifications from the vid: So the first half is all about pulling the momentum of the chuck over the hand that usually spins it. The "X" catch is simply a move where your arms cross over and catches before it wrist rolls. The Reverse Rebound explanation was a little erratic. I still am unsure if reverse rebound is a good word, because the technical aspects might be very different than if Matt Chez explained how he reverse rebounds...but we'll go with that for now. When I was talking about yanking it over, I was talking about giving it a slight sideways tug into the aerial. Then you try to let the back of your hand catch (and slightly drop with the momentum) when the chuck spins is at about 2-3 oclock (I say 90 degrees in the vid), pad the momentum down a hair, and lastly you launch it back. Depending on where you catch the chuck (on the back of your hand) will greatly change the height and angle where it spins back, so it is a rather tricky move!

Hope you all enjoy!

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