Best Way to Install Cracked IPA's (No Computer Needed)

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Here is a guide of how to install cracked applications from your iPod Touch/iPhone

Note: You must uninstall Safari DL Plugin first (if you have it installed), otherwise you will get a source error while trying to install this application! To uninstall it open Cydia, go to Manage, Packages, and search for Safari Download Plugin and uninstall it.

1. Go to Manage (Cydia), Sources, Edit, Add, type, Add Source.

2. Now go to Sections on Cydia, then Utilities

3. Install Installous first then AppShare

4. Run AppShare and go to Cracked App

5.Choose an application and press Install

6.It will automatically download and install the application then your iPod Touch/iPhone will respring and you will have your cracked app.

didnt know if anyone new about this hope it helps...think you still need to put mobileinstalltion file in, or i'm sure ipa prep off repo...peace...comment rate subscribe...

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