Twisted Metal: Shoot My Truck with David Jaffe

By: PlayStation


Uploaded on February 09, 2012 by PlayStation Powered by YouTube

Wanna fire a real machine gun at a real truck via the internet? Of course you do. Sign up now for a chance to shoot at And watch the uncensored version.

In honor of Twisted Metal's launch on PS3, we've aimed an M249-SAW at a real-life version of Sweet Tooth's ice cream truck. On 2/14 and 2/15, we're letting you pull the trigger by hitting a button on your computer.

That's right. Fire a military-grade machine gun just by pressing your space bar.

It's a two-day, shoot-till-the-truck-goes-up-in-a-gigantic-ball-of-flames-style internet spectacular. And it's all happening live at

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