Kingdom Hearts Coded Trailer

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FANMADE. Clips from kh-vids. Actual trailer descriptions and quotes from kh-vids**** and ign****. In no way...
FANMADE. Clips from kh-vids. Actual trailer descriptions and quotes from kh-vids**** and ign****. In no way am I affiliated with SquareEnix or Disney. My 1st of 3 entries to the kh-vids**** competition. (Only made on Windows Movie Maker, I'm afraid!) When I started these trailers I decided to set myself a challenge by following the exact story and quotes from the trailers, and use similar clips to the descriptions in my own fanmade trailers. (Darn me and my challenges!) Sometimes it was hard to find matching clips, but overall these were really fun to make and I hope you enjoy them! I even attemped to 'merge' (haha) real trailer images into my vids by flashing them in and out, but some look a little laughable so I'm sorry if they don't really fit in all that well! Another annoying thing was that I couldn't blackout dialogue already in the game and replace it with my own, so sometimes you will see 2 pieces of dialogue played at the same time! Starting with coded, here's the description I based it on which you can follow in case it doesn't make a lot of sense: (Source from ign****) The ending to Kingdom Hearts 2 plays, followed by the phrases "The secret ending has been dealt with, and the worlds extend once again and flow". The screen fades back in to Jiminy Cricket and the phrase "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories". He is peering into his journal, noticing a phrase he cannot remember writing. It reads "You need to return, to heal the wounds". This phrase seems to alert Jiminy in some way, as he runs off to report the finding to King Mickey. The king is startled by the discovery, but only replies with "Only he is the one who can solve it." We fade in and out to Sora standing on the beach at Destiny Islands. He is wearing his Kingdom Hearts 1 style clothing, but he is only shown as computer data being transmitted. When the image of Sora disappears, a battle scene commences. As Sora is moving blocks around to finish a puzzle game, heartless are attacking from all angles. The game play mechanics seem very odd. After the puzzle is finished, a command called "Debugging" appears on the screen. After being activated, Sora moves extremely quickly and then vanishes. The last scene includes Sora and Mickey in Traverse Town. Mickey says to no one in particular "Sora, was here on that day." and "Let's speak truly". We are then presented with the name of the game: Kingdom Hearts: Coded. It has been announced to be a mobile phone game. Extra notes: The description states that the actual trailer begins with clips from the kingdom hearts 2 ending, so I believe that the letter Sora, Riku and Kairi receive from Mickey is where Mickey explains the story of his journey through the world of the darkness, which is why I added all these clips in.