Plants Vs Zombies - Bobsled Bonanza - How to Beat It

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Ok, another mini game from plants vs zombies that brings headaches for most players. Bobsled Bonanza.

The trick here is to equip Spikeweeds, Jalapeños and Cherry bombs. Start building your sun production fast, and as soon as the 1st truck appears either use a spikeweed on that lane or use a jalapeño (jalapeños also melt all the ice that may be covering a lane).

Cherry bombs will aso help you deal with group of zombies that come in sledges while you build up your pea-shooter defense. Yoy may chose adifferent deffense style, for instace melon pults or others. But the real key is to bring on the spikeweeds and the jalapeños (i also picked the imitator jalapeño), along with a fast sun production.

Watching this video should get you ready to beat this level easily. Enjoy!

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