Two Worlds

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About Two Worlds

More than any other game before, Two Worlds allows you to shape the story you are taking part in and affect the world around you. Not only are you free to find your own way to beat challenges, solve problems and complete quests, the actions you take can cause kings to be overthrown, cities to be sacked, and organizations to be eradicated. The world lives its own life, but it is well within your power to change it.

In addition to unprecedented player interaction, Two Worlds will deliver lush graphics, adrenaline-fueled combat, a unique magic system, and unlimited character development.

All this, combined with Two Worlds innovative online play and it's easy to see why Two Worlds is positioned to become the premier role-playing game experience. Two Worlds is developed by Poland based Reality Pump. To find out more, visit the official Two Worlds website at

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