Pieces of Cloud Strife (HD Remake)

By: CreativityBrilliance


Uploaded on January 07, 2011 by CreativityBrilliance Powered by YouTube

Alot of people wanted this video remade for HD and it has been one of my favorite videos I have made so I think it deserved a remake.
I have kept most of it the same with the inclusion of some extra scenes that came with Advent Children Complete which wasnt around at the time.
This originally took me two weeks to make and was the first video I ever made with sony vegas. This time around it only took a matter of hours, though of course I already had the blue print to follow. It has showed me that I have come along way with using vegas, even though I may not be perfect, I can at least use the program with much greater ease than when I had first made this. I couldnt imagine going back to windows movie maker, in fact, I've forgotten how to use it lol Kept hitting "S" to split the clips like why isnt this workinggggg!!! -_-
I hope you guys like the HD remake as much as you liked the original. This time I have added a small watermark, just because this video has been stolen so many times, so I thought I would at least add my initials to it. I tried to make it small so it wouldnt be annoying!
Thanks to everybody who watched the original and made it as popular as it has been. This video is dedicated to you.

Clips - Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Complete & FF7 Crisis Core
Song - Pieces by Red
Made with Sony Vegas Pro 9

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As well as many others...

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