Just Another Cinderella Story-Part 1

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READ FIRST OR YOU'LL GET CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay, so I kinda hurt my knee, and had to...
READ FIRST OR YOU'LL GET CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay, so I kinda hurt my knee, and had to stay home for the day, and was bored. So, I decided to make a mini series and for the most part, the first one came out really well. There are going to be more then 2 vids to this mini series. I hope ou like it Story Line: Okay, so in the beginning, Selena meets Joe, and they kind of hit it off good from the start. But then, Demi shows up and gets a little jealous. She wants to keep Joe to herself, so she does some things to make Selena upset, and they work. A few weeks later, Demi is still getting her way. Selena sees this and is started to get a little annoyed and even more upset, because she really likes Joe. Demi, onthe other hand, is still doing things to make Selena jealous, mad, and upset. Selena finally tellsher to knock it ff because it isn't working. Once Demi hears this, she comes up with another lie. She tells Selena that Joe is the one who is trying to hurt Selena. Selena believes this, but also has her doubts.She runs away, not wanting anyone to see her tears. Later that night she falls asleep, and gets woken up from a dream, or should I say, nightmare she was having, about how everthing is going into a spiraling black hole, what with Demi taking over and Joe supposably "hurting" Selena. She is so frustrated and just wants it to end. Joe later confronts Demi with the fact that he can see she's telling Selena lies. Demi in the end convinces him it isn't true and Selena's had is just full of fairy tails. When Selena goes to Joe, wishing to talk to him, he lets her down, not wanting to hurt her. He secrtly has his own doubts about Demi and her lies. As he watches her walk away devestated, he realizes he might have been wrong it what he just did. Demi had secretly been watching and is pleased that her plans are working. The next day, one of Selena's best friends walks up to her, seeing how she looks so hurt, and asks her what's wrong. She tells him everything and when he is dumbfounded by the wa she's been hurt, she walks away, thinking it was no use at all. He later walks to her other best friend and tells her to tell Selena that he will do whatever it takes to help her out. Sorry the description was so long. I hope you enjoy this mini series and I hopeyou watch the rest of them!! ♥Autumn♥ P.S. I'll be posting more of my vids soon and keep an eye out for a new webshow me and my friends may be making! ;)