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NEW! See more of my layout at: * * * * COMMENT & RATE I...
NEW! See more of my layout at: * * * * COMMENT & RATE IF YOU WISH !!!* * * OK, I`m about to "break protocol" here, and blow the "complex science" of model railroading into the fun, simple, easy to understand way in which it really is! :) Lets look at what a little fish gravel and a pile of old curbside ceiling tile...( Which later would become scenery)... some plaster, coupled with a little imagination will do. ...* Heres a clip of Tom and Scott`s layout... These are "O" Scale "MTH" brand trains, (there is some Lionel as well) ... Anyway, it took 40+ years to amass all this "stuff", for this 30 x 45` layout... Tom loves to lash up 4 or 5 engines and will pull trains way in excess of 100 scale cars long (thats 17+ inches of coupler slack, and trains in excess of 170-200 feet long!) *Note he made the walls round (no corners) to conform to its outer 0192 degree radius. In this video, at the beginning, You`ll see Tom when he was just 6, getting his 1st Train set, Then later you`ll see how far he took it ( As it took 53 4x8 sheets of plywood to construct this layout!) ... and the time to build ?: 8 months... (just him). NOT years like most others say! You know... ("Ah God,ah god")... in a "babbling rant"....... :) *We built this so ANY Train can go up or down any level and run on another track, or ski`diddle into the yard,... again, from ANY track... there are 9 trains running at once most of the time. Not seen are many tunnels and places where more trains go. Smoke from the Trains comes from a liquid, which is inserted into each engine by means of a small funnel. *No annoying "TCA" or "Club" had anything to do with this, We model no particular railroad either... So if CSX and the NS, (or whatever) are "at war"... and this is`nt "prototypical" , We don`t care!. IF its big and can pull... "we get it"!! *We model "FUN"! Please don`t miss understand me, "clubs" have a place in our hobby... But more often then not , members turn "anal" and bitter when they try`in coexist... "WHY"?? The question then begs... "why can`t it be we just all enjoy Trains" ? These putz`s ruin things more often then not, and we steer clear of them. Were also proud to say that this layout was featured in "Classic Toy Trains" Magazine, "our`s is about fun" !! ... NOT "schedules too keep or some "ridiculous way bill" they`ll tell ya you need BEFORE a Train can move" ... *Tom`s an auto tech, who say`s to his customer`s: "Bring me the trains, no bill spanking pains" or... (keep your money & just find your old trains in lieu of payment) *NO PLANS WERE USED TO DO ANY OF THIS... I HATE PLANS!! "We Just Have fun with the thing and let it go" So their you are... No Rocket science where you must spend thousands of dollars on "REAL" crushed ballast, or the like, + expensive scenery, trees etc... "thats alot of crapola!! *See many others here on You Tube whom are far better than us, AND THEIR ARE! *BUT generate interest in the hobby*!! & NEVER say : "Man I could never do that"! BUNK! * YES YOU CAN! * ****YOUR COMMENTS are welcome and thanks for same. This video was a courtesy for me, done by my son's good friend Steve McKinney of Wojo Multimedia. Thanks a million!