Here In Your Arms EP.11 [18+]

By: Araceli Alcantar


Uploaded on May 31, 2012 by Araceli Alcantar Powered by YouTube

*At Max's video set* Araceli-so what's the music video called? Max-it's called "you don't know me" Araceli-sounds mysterious....i think Max-it's about a girlfriend who thinks that her boyfriend is still talking to his ex,but he is'nt Araceli-ohhhhhh....hahahah okay now i get it,heyy do you know where the snacks are? Max-by the entrance*smiles* Araceli-i'll be over there if you need me*starts walking off* Max-wait! Araceli-what's up? Max-do you think i can have a good luck kiss? Araceli-*goes up to max and kisses him*good luck my schneider monkey*leaves* *Araceli eating at the snack table* ????-heyyy Araceli-*turns around,with her mouth full* ???-im ali castro,and you must be? Araceli-*swallo's her food*im Araceli Carter Ali-oh so you're max's new girlfriend*looks at her stomache*and mother of his baby Araceli-babies...we are having twins Ali-ohhh,so how was the sex? god how i miss having sex with max Araceli-EXCUSE ME! WHAT?? Ali-sorry,i forgot to tell you me and max use to date,but we broke up,and now he's with you*looks at Araceli,up and down* Araceli-*gives her the WTF LOOK* Ali-*see's max*MAXY POO!! Max-*walks up to the snack table* hey Ali,hey beautiful*kisses Araceli* Ali-maxy poo,can't you belive we are going to be in you're music video together! and we are going to kiss! Max-*laughs*yeahhh*looks at Araceli* Ali-well i'll see you in 5,byee maxy poo and bye RACELI! *leaves* Araceli-*turns to max,her arms crossed* Max-baby don't be mad,she's just a friend Araceli-yeahh,a friend who's you're fuckin ex! and who you had sex with Max-wait,how do you know? Araceli-you're slutty ex told me Max-wow! Ali,really does have a big mouth Araceli-and you're going to be kissing her!!! Max-baby,i wanted you to be in my video,but you're Araceli-im pregnant...and now my boyfriend is going to be kissing his hoe of an ex! Max-*smiles* i love how jelous you're getting Araceli-well yeah,im going to get jelous,i do have feelings for you max*gets closer to max* Max-*smiles* Araceli-but when you kiss her im going to get even more jelous... Max-when i kiss her i'll be thinking of you*grabs Araceli,and kisses her* Araceli-*smiles* my schneider monkey!! *keeps kissing max* *ARACELI AND MAX MAKING OUT* Director-max we need you!! Max-*pulls away,breathing heavily* wow! we never made out like that before Araceli-*laughs* nope we haven't Max-they need me.. Araceli-well,go schneider monkey Max-*starts walking off,and comes back to Araceli,and kisses her agin* Director-MAX!! Araceli-maxwell,go before they stop shooting you're music video! Max-*runs off* Ali-*walks up to Araceli*you know he still loves me,he's only with you because he got you pregnant...*walks off* Araceli-whatever slut!! MAX'S VIDEO YOU DON'T KNOW ME- *DATZ IT YOU(:*
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