How To Stoppie - Level X Video

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*******www.x-tremevideo****/new-releases?ccs=117&cs=3033 When Kyle Woods and Bill-D teach you stop...
*******www.x-tremevideo****/new-releases?ccs=117&cs=3033 When Kyle Woods and Bill-D teach you stoppies you go from average Joe, to seasoned Pro in record time ! Level X Video Releases another classic in their stunting for motorcycles series Volume 3 How to Stoppie. Designed to not only bring beginners up to speed, but "How to Stoppie" even takes professional stunters to the next level. This video contains all the tips and techniques for Stoppies, plus important info like: * Bike set up: Suspension settings, Tire selection, Brakes and steering stabilizers. * Safety Gear: Jacket, Helmet, Gloves, Body Armor and Bike protection. * Stoppie Techniques: Getting started, Body position, Control, The pick up, Balance point and more. * Tips and Tricks: Distance, Accuracy, Steering, Highchair, 180, Superman, Flamingo, Tandem etc... * Secrets of the Pros: How to avoid a crash and Bill-Ds secrets of his record breaking 1,300 ft Stoppie. Get Ready. The world of Freestyle Streetbike Stunting is about to be Stood up on end! Be sure to check out other Level X Releases.... How to Wheelie and Advanced Wheelies.