Passion,Speed and Fire/ Intense Rock Guitar/Volker Scheidt

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You like mad guitar solos? Have fun with this one. I play with a george Lynch guitar over a Zakk Wylde Bac...
You like mad guitar solos? Have fun with this one. I play with a george Lynch guitar over a Zakk Wylde Backingtrack. This one is all about "Rock" So much fun! Ok if you just see this video you might think that I'm tasteless and but this is just a solo study!! I have a lot of solos on my channel where i play very slow so cool down. Hope i find the balance between the ripping and the sweet stuff! You must play this really loud. Music is always about joy and passion not competition! if you love guitars add me as a friend! Please rate and comment. i will go back to your channel soon. Thanks. visit my school for electric guitar: ******* connect with me on myspace: *******www.myspace****/legatomovement Take a look at my guitar collection: *******www.myspace****/shredgitarrefreiburg Once again an inspiration video for my guitar students. This is a little Tribute for George Lynch and all the high energy soloing stuff. You hear a lot of influences going on -fast runs ala Paul Gilbert -some Doublestops ala Steve Vai -crazy noises ala Andy LaRouge from King Diamond(check his Abigail,Them and conspiracy albums) -Tapping ala Randy Rhoads -melodic playing like George Lynch from Dokken -some super fast picking in the style of Zakk Wylde The idea was to combine certain guitar styles and make on big solo. I really want that it sounds a little more agressive than my other melodic stuff. Maybe you must watch this two times to get it all. You see with my videos i want to celebrate the electric guitar. there are so many cool styles to play,so different sounds to use,so many techniques to learn it's totally amazing. So pick up your guitar,take a backingtrack and start to play- then i'm happy. Many greetings from Freiburg Volker I'm a professional guitar teacher from Germany and love it. Things are doing so great.The electric guitar is stronger then ever-so many young people find their way to music and the guitar. P.S if you like this solo why not sending it around/ If you look at my friendlist maybe i can help you someday too. thanks