Unspoken-An Austin Mahone/ Alex Constancio Love Story Chapter 9

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-Chapter 9- -Austin's POV- My two best friends are fighting! How can I make them forgive each other and be together again...or at least friends again. Austin: "I can't believe this is happening." Taylor: "I feel so bad for him! And her!" Austin: "To be honest... I don't feel bad for Ali. She's a cheater! I'm sorry but I have to stick with Alex!" I ran out of the room. I need to find Alex. Bros need to stick together. Before girls we were best friends, nothing can change that. -Alex's POV- I felt a cool breath going down my spine. I turned around and saw Austin behind me. Austin: "I thought you could use a friend..." Alex: "Why did we even go out with these girls? Why are we even friends with them?" He stood there in shock to what I just said. Austin: "I love my girlfriend! I am BEST friends with Taylor and you! I don't even know why Ali did that! And I'm sorry she did that to you! She can't take it back and you can't talk it back." Alex: "I have nothing to take back except one thing." Austin: "Which is?" Alex: "Even loving Ali." I ran away after that comment. What did I just say? I love Ali, but I can't take this back nor can Ali, like Austin said. I know I can forgive Ali, but I just can't right now. She hurt me. I walked into the house and went under my covers. I saw a picture that I had dropped and picked it up. It was of me and Ali, on the boardwalk, the night I asked her to go out with me. I knew I couldn't lose her. She meant the world to me! I got up and ran to my car. I started my car and pushed on the gas. I drove to Ali's house and knocked on the door.
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