Modern Warfare 2 Meets Metal Gear Solid - Part 2

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We're on facebook now! *******wwww.facebook****/beatdownboogie MODERN WAR GEAR SOLID - ACT 2: SunBurn ...
We're on facebook now! *******wwww.facebook****/beatdownboogie MODERN WAR GEAR SOLID - ACT 2: SunBurn When Makarov and Liquid Ocelot team up, it's up to Snake and Ghost to stop them. But who is the real mastermind controlling Makarov and Liquid? We are currently working on PART 3. Find out more at beatdownboogie**** * * * * * * Frequently Asked Questions 1) Where did you get the guns? They are airsoft guns from Ehobbyasia****. The main guns in Parts 1 and 2 are the G&P Sentry, WE SCAR GBB, and the A&K Masada. 2) What camera equipment do you use? We are currently using the Canon 7d. I really love it. We also use the Backbird Stabilizer, the only small stabilizer I've been impressed with. For future videos, Rick is getting a Kessler Crane and dolly. It's going to be insane. For more info on our gear check out: *******www.beatdownboogie****/2010/12/17/whats-new-in-modern-war-gear-solid-part-3/ 3) Where did you get the costumes? There is a detailed breakdown on our blog: *******www.beatdownboogie****/2010/12/17/modern-war-gear-solid-costume-guide/ Most of the tactical/combat gear is also from Ehobbyasia. 4) How much did Parts 1 and 2 cost? If you count all the gear we already had like prop guns and camera equipment it would be pretty expensive. But the money we spent specifically for Parts 1 and 2 was three to five hundred bucks, mostly on pizza delivery. 5) What is the end credits music? All the music in Parts 1 and 2 is royalty free stock music, except for a cover of the Old Snake Theme performed by Rick Burnett. The end credits music is Anthem for War, composed by Cassidy Bisher. * * * * * * Thanks for all the great comments! News on future episodes can be found on our blog. Beat Down Boogie Blog: *******beatdownboogie****/blog Beat Down Boogie on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Beat-Down-Boogie/128307993872882 Beat Down Boogie on Twitter: ********twitter****/beatdownboogie