Assassins Creed Ultimate Secret Collection Section One

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There Is Going To Be 6 Assassin's Creeds: 0- Assassins creed: Altairs Chronicles 1- Assassins creed 2- Ass...
There Is Going To Be 6 Assassin's Creeds: 0- Assassins creed: Altairs Chronicles 1- Assassins creed 2- Assassins Creed Bloodlines (PSP) 3- Assassins creed 2 4- Assassins creed Brotherhood 5- Assassins creed 3 4 Of Them Are Currently Out, Rest Will Be Released In Near Future. Decoded Verson: Puzzle One: 'Artefacts sent to the skies to control all nation, to make us obey a hidden crusade. Do not help them' Puzzle Two: 'They drained my soul and made it theirs. I drained my body to show you where I saw it' Bar Code: Barcoding Is Random, But The Letters Under It Read: 12212012, 12.21.12 The date of the end of the world. Signs: Weird Religious Signs like eye of God and the eye of Oudis. Apple: The Templar Treasure Is A Golden/Silver Apple. (Shaped) Lettering One: The Lettering about the books lieing, and prepurcing the truth is that all the books, have lied (like storyline says) and have keepen things secret from humanity, from the past. Lettering 2: Were it says he went into the Abyss and never return. Means when Subject 16 went into the animus, they kept in him for too long periods of time, thus giving him cross reality, Hallucinations, going crazy etc. Which you find out in AC2. Chinese Lettering: It isnt Chinese Lettering Infact, Its Just Old Langauge what they spoke and written like 1000 years ago, i Decoded it with microsoft word 2008, and it reads: 'The End Is Coming, 2012 is our final stop' Which is the date that the game is set in, during The Modern Day Verson of the game. Dates: Dates of when subject 16's Ancestors Lived, And times something very serious happend, (The First Civilization To Be Destroyed, EG - Adam And Eve) and their death day. Lettering: 'Hunger Lies The Answers' .. A Waiting game, just wait and discover the truth of what is actually happened. Animals: The Animals are the basic elder guys. like Altair was eagle, some may be spider, some monkey some scarab, And theres a resemblance to Nazca Lines. Yona Guni: Yona guni is a japaniese island. Probably Where One Of Subject 16's Ancestors Were. PS - I'm Sorry For Quality When I Recorded This When I Didn't Have A Capture Card..