Cell Block Tango Lyrics

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Cell Block Tango Lyrics from the Miramax Motion Picture Chicago. No CopyRight Intended

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To me, this is awesome.

P.S. mUsIcLuVrism says the translation is wrong, and it actually says:
Why am i here? They say that the lake held down my husband I chopped the head. But it is not true, I'm innocent. Not I know because Uncle Sam says I did it. I tried the police, to explain but they did not understand

sorry about getting it wrong...

P.P.S. Many of you have continued on about the translation, and yes, mine is probably wrong...

I am not sure of the correct one though
UnimportantNames1 believes they do:

Quote: "What am I doing here? They say my famous tenant held down my husband and I chopped his head off. But it's not true. I am innocent. I don't know why Uncle Sam says I did it. I tried to explain at the police station but they didn't understand."

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