NEW Multiple Gun Glitch Der Riese - Without Downing Yourself (PS3 & Xbox) (HD)

By: TeamDMG


Uploaded on September 12, 2009 by TeamDMG Powered by YouTube

Team DMG
i am not sure if this works for xbox. please tell me if it does.

So this is how to to get 3 guns. *you can only have three guns this way. if u do the other method of downing urself u can just run up and and upgrade them the way i showed u. so this glitch is not hard at all. if you have anyquestions i will answer them just leave a comment

***I did not find this glitch i am not saying i found this glitch i saw this glitch so i wanted to show my viewers.***

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Questions and Answers

Q. What is the D-Pad
A. The same button to take out yout bettys.

Q. Does it work for Xbox
A. Yes (According to my comments)

Q. Will i lose my Third gun if i upgrade
A. No, only if u follow my directions if u dont u will lose it. bring out the bettys.

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