Captain America Legacy Ben Ryan Metzger Leader Of Avengers Ironman The Hulk Wolverine

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"Captain America" Ben Ryan Metzger "Ben Ryan Metzger" "Ben Ryan Metzger Captain America...
"Captain America" Ben Ryan Metzger "Ben Ryan Metzger" "Ben Ryan Metzger Captain America" Captain America Movie Legacy BRCS Bros Productions A Special Presentation Entirely Written Directed Filmed Produced and Performed By Ben Ryan. The Avengers Official Steve Rogers Confronts The Third Reich And Racism Head On in 1944.. The Avengers Movie Preview Teaser To Air Super Bowl Commercial Captain America The First Avenger Avengers Thor News Comic Con San Diego 2010 Captain America is the leader of The Avengers Wolverine Ironman 2 The Hulk Thor and was a World War 2 and Marvel Civil War Leader. Captain America Reborn! Special Note. A special Thank you goes out to Adam (who reminded me Steve was always internally that small kid with a big heart within his superhero ultra muscled strong presence.) and Derek (who reinforced my thinking that Steve was a poised leader as much as he was an intense warrior that I knew I had to balance) two awesome men and passionate Marvel experts who gave me a special and unique insight into who Captain America Steve Rogers is as a man that went beyond my own years of in depth research and study. They were both a core inspiration to me in my portrayal here as this character. Last but certainly not least I wanted to thank Colin who made me see that I had to know my limits in filming and producing this alone and that I had to "cut the fat off the steak" of my bold ideas and present the best I could within realistic means. In this film I was portraying Steve Rogers who is Captain America. I was under my own direction here and chose to deliver my lines in the way you see. I did my best to do justice to who I believe Captain America is and what he represents. I can project and go to any range under any director and be calibrated easily. This was unique because I directed myself which can have both it's pros and cons. I welcome your views and perspectives on my acting, direction, filming, and production and I look forward to hearing any and all constructive criticism. As confident as I am in my abilities I know I'm not perfect and can only get better and will get better constantly to keep striving to reach that pinnacle of powerful and professional acting which is an infinite pursuit in my mind. I do identify with Captain America very much and the words I spoke are my own just as much as I would feel would be his. Though the way I spoke the words was not how I myself would speak in my life. I'm much more animated and actually considered to be far from the norm in my comfortable strong expressions. To portray Captain America I felt I had to constantly reel myself inward notch after notch while still having the fire inside of a fighting solider. I loved it and it was a blast. So I hope you enjoy! The Views expressed in this video are my own and do not represent Marvel or Youtube. Also Just to state A FACT. I am truly a clean person and have never taken GH or steroids. I'm proud of my physique and I built it to the level it is at simply by training quite a bit harder than the average person and constantly fueling my body throughout the day for years. My Contact Email Right now is: meetmehalfwayusa**** REGARDING RATINGS. Unfortunately people are messaging me saying they are bound on rating my video down simply because they don't agree with my views on equality. I'm looking for true feedback and not stars. So if you don't agree with my views feel free to post comments about your feelings in a respectful manner and if you do or don't like my acting please rate me by writing what you do or don't like. Thank you. I have to say I am saddened and angered at the private messages I have been receiving from hateful people. I think it stems from the outrage of the fallout of Kanye West's recent actions. Let me state that I support Taylor Swift all the way and admire and respect the way she carries herself. What Kanye Did was wrong, terrible, and ridiculous but I look at him as a man who made a mistake and not a black man who defines his entire race. If you enjoyed this presentation please consider visiting one of the great websites below to support a great cause: To Help Children Around the World In Need: *******www.unicefusa****/ Or to help the Real Life Captain America's Of the World: *******www.woundedwarriorproject****/ and *******iava****/ Thank you so much for watching. Sincerely, Ben Ryan