Kempo/Kenpo Karate/Martial Arts Combination 5 - James Brassard

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*******www.shaolinamericankempo****/Kempo_Combinations_Jim_Brassard.htm Please give us your email for FREE...
*******www.shaolinamericankempo****/Kempo_Combinations_Jim_Brassard.htm Please give us your email for FREE tips and videos on the Martial Arts *******www.trafficgeyser****/lead/karate-ad-1 Jim Brassard offers insights into the kempo techniques/Dm 5. *******www.shaolinamericankempo****/Kempo_Combinations_Jim_Brassard.htm Grandmaster James Brassard Karate kenpo techniques. Showing clips to the shaolin american kenpo karate combinations dvd/video. *******www.shaolinamericankempo****/Kempo_Combinations_Jim_Brassard.htm The Kempo combinations have long been the bread and butter of the art. When I started in the mid 70s there was about 30 to 40, then over the years they progressed to 108. Each one contains Major and Minor principles that IF taught and extracted will give understanding to the Shaolin Kempo Arts. *******www.shaolinamericankempo****/Kempo_Combinations_Jim_Brassard.htm With that being said, it could take a long time to understand just one of these techniques, which is not the purpose of these DVDs. What is the purpose and benefit of these DVDs is to expose the many illogical movements that have mutated over the years............... *******www.shaolinamericankempo****/Kempo_Combinations_Jim_Brassard.htm