Minecraft Huge Castle Pre-Release 3 [Download Available]

By: AntiRacismAndHateCom


Uploaded on May 10, 2012 by AntiRacismAndHateCom Powered by YouTube

The Castle is fully completed, but the village is still not done. Please add suggestions in the comment section below. Download at http://adf.ly/8NpqC or go to http://www.wix.com/coinman9328/brentsminecraftworld to download my other worlds. The training rooms on the second floor are poorly shown because I don't want to spoil too much. I also opt not to show the location of the hidden rooms. Also, some other things you can find on this map... 1) Old Temple: (-62, 67, 747) 2) Abandoned Mine: (-2, 64, 701) 3) Pyramid: (370, 73, 746) 4) (2) Do not push buttons around the castle 5) Cave to (64) eye of ender: (-210, 65, 166) 6) Spider House *eye of ender: (-220, 65, 131)
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