Female Vampires - Fatal Beauty (HD) [18+]

By: FangedBeauty


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The night is breathing heavy and something is moving in the shadows. It's very fast, but it makes no sound at all. You feel tense and nervous. Suddenly there is laughter from within the mist and the hairs on the back of your neck stand out. A delicate figure uncloaks from the shadows and you're pinned to the ground as soon as you lay eyes on her. Time seems to freeze and you feel dizzy. Her beauty overloads your senses and all your systems seem to shut down. A wave of panic races up from the dephts of your soul. You suddenly realize, almost too late, that you forgot to breathe and you gasp for air. Landing on your knees, still drowning in those eyes, you see her smile the most wicked smile you have ever seen. It sends shivers up and down your spine, as it dawns on you that this beautiful but deadly creature might very well be the last thing you'll ever see in your life.

~ Greetings Mortals ~

This is a video I made for a good friend. I tried to show the deadly ferocious predator-side of the vampiress (which I tend to call 'Aleera's Soul'...which is of course, totally awesome!). I didn't want the typical Hollywood/disney-shite mary poppins-vibe, but a furious brutal in-your-face explosive clip. No idea what you guys and gals will think of this, but I hope some of you will enjoy it. Personally I really liked the dreamsequence intro/outtro, which I intend to work into a stand alone-vid soon (Eve just rules)

As always...I'm curious what you think, so let me know ;)

~Q~ out !

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