The Texas Red Legs Live Pt 1

By: 976blackpope


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The Texas Red Legs live. 2-13-09 at lone star bar in Copell Texas. Sadly this is broken into nine parts due to youtubes ten minute limit. This nine part set is the entire show played on friday the 13th. with all the little problems or "Gremlins" included. This nine part series may not look good to some, while to others it will capture a southern band well. A small hole in the wall bar, smoke filled, poorly lit, beer drinkers, hellraisers, and four band mates with their gear jamin for folks. This is Texas music. Music from Texas. This band bleeds the red white and blue of the Texas flag. Their genre of music is hard to define. Some may call it country. While others may call it rock. still yet folks have called it rock-a-billy or psycho-billy. Hell its even been said that their music is southern rock. Whatever you wanna call it these gentlemen from the lone star state dont need a label to play under. so i wouldnt even try to give em one. What they do need is you. You to enjoy what they have to offer. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sit back with a loved one and enjoy this cause its a long way to lubbock. One banner. One fight. One song.

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