Xbox's RCA Audio to TRS Type Speakers

By: Aedonatwar


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Welcome In this demonstration I want to show you how I connected a TRS speaker cable, to enhance the audio, for the M110 projector, when connected to an xbox360 via hdmi cable. First In order to have both the an hdmi & RCA cable hooked up at the same time I had to strip off the plastic case for the xbox end connection of the RCA cable provide with my Xbox. In the 2nd step you'll need a RCA to TRS patch cable to join the xbox RCA with a TRS speaker. Because of the type of patch cable I used I needed to use Two dual ended-female RCA joints to connect both male ends of my cables.(This may not be necessary in your case) I then connected a RCA male to TRS Female patch cable to join with the TRS male speaker cable. and that's how I'm running it. also note that the sound will still play from the projector unless muted. Materials: 1- xbox to RCA cable 2- dual ended female to male RCA joints (optional) 1- RCA, TRS adaptor cable
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